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Rekey Locks

Contact our team if you need to have one or more locks rekeyed in an Airdrie property in Alberta. If, for any reason, you want to rekey locks, Airdrie pros will be at your service as soon as needed. Is this an emergency? Don’t you worry! Airdrie Locksmith Service has you covered.

Do you want to rekey some locks for a completely different reason? We understand and are still ready to serve those who want to install or expand a master key system. In such cases, there might be a need to rekey some furniture and door locks so that they will too be operated by a master key. No worries. Once again, we’ve got you covered. If you need lock rekey service in Airdrie, emergency or not, contact our team.

Tell us if you want to rekey locks in Airdrie

Rekey Locks Airdrie

Our company is ready to appoint locksmiths to rekey locks in Airdrie homes, businesses, commercial facilities, and any other property. The whole essence of rekeying locks is to modify them so that they will only work with a new key – not the original one. The process of rekeying locks involves changing the pins of the lock. Changing the configuration of the pins. And key change. And so, if someone tries to insert the original key in the rekeyed lock, the key won’t match. Lock rekey services are useful on several different occasions and our team is ready to serve them all.

When you will need lock rekey service

  •          Did you lose your key? This is the prime reason for rekeying locks. Especially if you believe that your key is stolen. In such cases, the response of the locksmiths is even faster than fast. The lock is rekeyed before you know it and so, your peace of mind is restored.
  •          Did you move to a new office or home? If there’s no need to change locks, rekey locks. This is the cost-effective way to keep the lock without worrying about intrusions.
  •          Want a rental’s lock rekeyed? If previous tenants moved out, it’s best to have the main door locks rekeyed to ensure security for the new tenants.
  •          Did a roommate move out? When spouses, friends, or roommates move out, it’s wise to have the locks rekeyed. And new keys made, of course.
  •          Planning to expand or set up a master key lock system? If so, you may need some locks rekeyed. If so, contact our team.

On all occasions – urgent or not, the pros come out equipped with the right locksmith tools, key replacement choices, and the equipment and products they may need for the requested job. Do you need service now? If so, certified pros in Airdrie rekey locks before you know it. Contact us.